25 May 2010


The door was locked when I got home from work. The keys were inside. I was confronted, for the first time, with being locked out of my house. My own house. (Crazy, I know-- the "own house" part, not the keys inside part. The keys inside part is rather normal.)

Luckily the side window was unlocked. I dragged garbage can below the window, pushed my hands against the glass and slid the window open. Standing on top of the garbage can-- in high heels-- I looked around to see if any of my new neighbors were watching me break in. The coast was clear. I climbed in, jumped from the window to the inside kitchen floor. And I laughed.

It was easy. Easy-cheesy. Too easy.

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Kelly Lynn said...

browsing random blogs - good work on the break in.. it's NEVER that easy at my house. Ugh.