20 May 2010


It's Thursday today. I've been complacent about Thursdays lately. I've been lazy in recognizing them as different than the other six days. Once upon a time, I wanted to get married on a Thursday. That didn't happen and it's too late. Oh well, happy Thursday.

I'm sitting in a new bed with new sheets in an old house that's actually my new house. In the next room, cupboards are filled with new white dishes and he's whistling. It almost sounds fake. Like a 1950's sitcom. Except that in this house, unlike a 1950's sitcom, it seems that he does the dishes. I like our sitcom.

It's spring now. Everything is new. I feel like I'm spring cleaning my life. That's such a good thing. I'm moving slower. I'm being careful to relish empty days, filling them with things like homemade macaroni and cheese and reading thoughtful wedding notes given to us on the big day. We're going to keep life simple this summer. That's my plan.

He's asleep next to me now. Breathing deeply with his arms folded across his chest. Is this real?

I'm going to plant a garden in my backyard.


Caity Grether said...

It sounds like a beautiful life, this new one. I miss you!

Marilyn Lewis said...

As always Laura, you write beautifully! I love your blissful description of your new married life. Enjoy your summer. I'm glad I got to share a bit in your special day!

Caitlin said...

Hey I've been thinking about you a lot lately and wanting to say hello. Hi! I love you lots.

Amy said...

Oh Laura I am so happy for your new life, in a new house, with a new person! I want to come by and see your house. I love you!!!