29 July 2010


I'm sitting at our shared laptop. It's really his, but now it's mine too. Yours, mine, and ours. Same with the car. And the house. Oh wait, it was all his. His and now ours. I brought very few material possessions into this marriage.

Okay, so I did bring a couch. A white one. I bought it and stored it in his garage.

Actually, I brought two couches into the marriage. I purchased another one of the couches just yesterday from a nice man. I guess that means I didn't bring it into the marriage? I bought it yesterday. Maybe I just wanted to talk about the couch right here right now. A burnt orange velvet. I put a bright yellow pillow on one side. Am I crazy that I love it? I love it so completely that I fell asleep on it last night. And I dreamed happy things.

He's not crazy about the couch, but he's color-blind. And not really into 70's furniture. Or velvet. He does like me. And he likes that I love the couch. So, he helped me load the couch into the truck and bring it home.

We stuffed all the cushions into the cab of the truck. As we drove down the street to bring it home, the velvet kept changing colors as the light reflected through the windows.

The couch. The couch is mine.


Caitlin said...

Haha. I love this. I cannot wait to see that couch. My favorite line is, "He's not crazy about the couch, but he's colorblind."

Anonymous said...

Love this post, Laura.

joven said...
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