07 August 2010

Grocery Stores & Marriage

The grocery store. I like the grocery store. I'm hesitant to say it. I don't know why I'm hesitant to say it. Is it embarrassing to like the grocery store? Something in my subconscious says that I shouldn't admit to liking the grocery store.

I think it's because I'm married now and if I say I like grocery shopping, people might think I'm acting married-- which I am because I am. Huh. And being married isn't even a bad thing. In fact, it's awesome. It means I go to the grocery store more often. So there Subconscious. 

And I've always loved to cook. Liking cooking has nothing to do with marriage. So you know.

Right, well tonight at the grocery store, um, well nothing interesting happened. But I liked it. And I bought plums and eggplant and goat cheese. And that, that made me really anxious to cook something great. I always want to cook something great.

I liked grocery stores before I was married though. Just so you know.


katie said...

Laura, this post makes me happy. I'm glad you like grocery stores (should I say that?).

Kayla said...

I completely love grocery stores as well. They make me giddy because I like the feeling of creativity that's there. Good old cooking.

Caitlin said...

I HATE the grocery store. I hate going there, I hate everyone else there, I hate how I feel while I'm there, I hate how I feel after I leave, I hate everything about it. It puts me in such a bad mood. It makes me cranky for the rest of the day sometimes.

I think maybe I should try going to the grocery store with you. For one, I hate going by myself and I'm always trying to rope people into going with me. And secondly, I surely wouldn't hate it as much if I were with you. I would probably even have fun. Maybe we should try. We could get together, plan our menus, then head to the store? Eh?

Laura said...


Deal. I would love to bring a little grocery store lovin' into your life.

I know that I could convert you.

All you need is a little time (no time crunch grocery trips are allowed), patience, and creative juices.

A grocery list gives direction.

Email me. Call me. We'll set up a time.

Caitlin said...

My Jason said that you probably like it more because you probably have a bigger grocery budget to buy things like Joan of Arc goat cheese. So shopping with you will probably make me jealous. But I want to try it.

Natalie said...

it's fun to prepare and cook for the ones you love!

Meggaedon said...

Shopping stores are not natural. Imagine if you had to go into the wild and kill the animal yourself, cooking it would not be your biggest worry.