13 July 2010


He and I went out to a hill in Payson, Utah. We stood right up against the mountain bench. It's land my dad's family owns. Laura, let's buy it, he says. He's kidding; we're broke.

He wants to live on a ranch someday. He's from Las Vegas, but he's a farmer at heart. I knew that he wanted to be a rural town boy in the end. I want to be a city girl. I like the city. He knew I wanted to be a city girl.

Maybe we decided to work through that discrepancy later? But secretly, I think that I'd live with him in the country and we'd be happy. That's just how life is; we put it all together-- hopes, dreams, and love-of-our-lives into patchwork. And that's just how beautiful it was looking over orchards and a reflected sunset.

This land looked over a patchwork of green and yellows and blues.


Natalie said...

mmmm . . . i love it, precious moments with the one you love. i think i'll live in the country too. :) maybe we can be neighbors, i would love that.

Pip said...

I would just like to say that you are a rather amazing person. I've never met you, I don't really know you other than your blog posts, but I have a feeling we would be very good friends.
I've spent the past 24 hours reading meticulously, starting with the first post, through your entire blog. Your writing style is wonderful and unique (in a way only an English major can truly appreciate), and I'm happy that you're happy with your husband. I hope I can be that happy someday too.
You've inspired me to enjoy the finer things in life. I thank you for that.
I'll now return to being a very quiet reader, but checking your blog daily for the next update I'm sure I will enjoy. Happy Thursday to you.
- Kelsey