06 September 2010

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day. I made plans to play. I was imagining a summer finale event. Maybe a picnic up the canyon? And maybe even a little four-wheeling adventure? I'd bring popsicles and watermelon to make sure we've had enough of both before fall blows in. It was the most perfect idea...

But he says Labor Day is for labor and is therefore busy working. He's a part-time handyman. Have I ever told you that? During school to get us through school, he does odd jobs for anyone who needs odd jobs done. Today he's building a sprinkling system and fixing someone's couch. Labor day is for labor? Sad day. I was all up for a party.

Because he's busy working, I've been busy painting. For me, it's a painting day this Labor Day. I love color. Always have, always will. I know the design trend says Scandanavian white is the look to aim for. But today I painted with a  few walls in our house with Fire Dance Red. If my house were all white, I'd miss color.

Tangent: We had friends over last night. They have a daughter who is approximately seven. When her mom purchased new paint to redecorate their office and paint over the gray that was there, the daughter said, "Mom, I think I'm really going to miss the gray." I want to raise kids that miss color when it's gone. 

Our little house has been my favorite project this summer. I've been making myself a home and I had no idea how thrilling it would be. I can't wait to invite you all to my housewarming party; I'll even hold a virtual one so that all can come.Just a few more little projects-- and we'll have a ball. A housewarming ball.

And to keep with the painting day today, I think I'm going to go paint my toes now. I'll probably paint them Cardinal Red.

I work hard on Labor Day too.


Marilyn Lewis said...

You'd like the pretty red wall in our apartment dining room. It looks especially good now since it is covered with my collection of plates from around the world. Lots and lots of color and pattern! I don't know if it is in style but I like it!

CAROLINA said...

Dear Laura,

just a little note to say that I simply love that you love color. I'll be excited to hear/see more of your house.

Also...I think I saw you and your husband at the devotional yesterday and it was so nice. You make such a happy and adorable couple.