04 September 2010

Because I Just Love All the People

I have a nephew. Well actually, I have five nephews. No nieces, yet. Soon though, I'll have a niece. These are things that surely captivate you.

Back to the nephew. I'd like to tell you his name, but I don't know if it's appropriate/legal/ethical to say a child's name on a public blog. But I trust you and for some reason, you knowing his name is important to me. His name is Owen, age three. (Isn't that the perfect name for a three year old?) I'm not going to tell you where he lives though. This cuteness needs to be kept private with a life of his own-- untainted by blogging and the internet. 

But, I have to tell you this story. My sister (his mom) told us the story last month while we together as a family on the coast of Oregon. Someone commented that Owen was just the nicest little boy. He shares with people and other children alike. He gives, laughs at everyone's jokes, and genuinely wants to make people happy. I know people in their twenties who have yet to master these traits. Wait a minute, me-- I'm talking about me.

The story proceeds:

A few weeks prior to the Oregon adventure, Owen's mom (my sister) said to Owen, "Owen, why are you such a nice guy?"

And he responded-- simply, sweetly, "Because I just love all the people."

I've thought about this just about everyday since my sister shared it on the beach.


Allyson said...

I love reading your entries Laura. You inspire me to write.


Anonymous said...

I love Owen's perspective. I have a special love for little ones and can't conjure any kind of annoyance, no matter what they do.

Once an adult irritated me. My sister said, "Can't you just imagine him as a child?"
As soon as I did, being irritated just dissolved.

It's great that the kids are always teaching us!