03 September 2010

On Hiccups. Part 2.

Just kiss. A good kiss sends hiccups to Bermuda. Works like a duct tape-- consistently, every time.

Call it genuine bliss, call it whatever you want, but I just know that I love getting the hiccups.

Thanks for the twenty comments. I'm back. It's proof that comments get rid of blog hiccups. Talk about weird, I know. 

In thanks, I want to comment on your blog. Invite me over to visit. Where do you write?


Kiersten S. Gallacher said...

Now looking forward to hiccups :)

congrats on your 20 Laura - you know there's 20 more who didn't post!


(How about this -- in Old Testament times newlywed's "hiccups" (call it sabbatical)lasted an entire year: couples were provided for temporally by the community & husband wasn't permitted to serve in military - in other words - a new season requires time for everything new . . . .enough time for hiccups, all the happenings between each bubble, and new remedies!)

Kellianne said...

Now that's about the cutest things I've heard all week. :)

olivia said...

way fun.

i love you, laura!

Bonnie said...

Wow - I'm way impressed that you got exactly 20 comments on your last post. Awesome. And isn't marriage great?

Renny said...

Okay, I will tell you, although I think your writing far exceeds my own. I do love comments though.


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