28 October 2010


It's been so long. I know.
But hey, I'm going to do better. Because I love this little Thursday spot. 

And by the way, we'd like to celebrate Halloween with you.

All Hallow's Eve Party
Saturday, 30 October
7:30 until late night
Come to our little house on Cedar in Provo.
Costumes are encouraged-- obviously.

Do come! I want to meet you and celebrate this spooky holiday with you. Even if you can't stay, at the very least, knock on our door and yell trick-or-treat

That would make me pretty happy.


camille said...

no, no, no. come to our party instead.

camille said...

... and i mean that entirely in good will. :) haha

Laura said...

both parties?

yes, yes, yes. camille's party on friday and mine on saturday. yay for both!