08 November 2010

Braced for Winter

The leaves are falling now-- blowing down from trees and landing on the sidewalks. The morning rain soaked the grounded leaves and it's dangerous. Those slippery leaves on the ground have slid me off-balance twice today.

Oh! I've loved this fall.We've been lucky that it's been warm for so long. Seventy on Saturday! I'm grateful for this year's gradual descent into winter. Winter is hard. And our windows are drafty. Thank you heavens for giving me time to really warm up to this whole winter-time idea, giving me time to mentally prepare for perpetual coldness-- blue toes, cramped feet, numb fingers, stiff joints, dead ears, goosebumps on the crown of my head.

I've been emotionally prepping for winter since September. Every ounce of lingering summer has been celebrated.

But I think I'm prepared now. You can hit me. I'm strong. I'm ready. I can do this. Arghh... bring it on.

And hit me you will. 


LeaHall said...

Hi, Laura. I found your blog through the Nienie dialogues, and I just have to say that as a recent graduate with a degree in Creative writing, that I love your writing style.

I'm from New Jersey, so I completely empathize with that whole dread-of-winter thing.

I live in Florida now, and I actually kind of miss the snow and cold. It does toughen you, that's for sure.

Good luck this winter!

Kiersten S. Gallacher said...


Go Skiing ~ this is the secret to enjoying winter, ask Clinton :)

. . .or snow shoeing, or cross country-skiing - get out their and sweat, and you know what? You will LOVE the winter wonderland.

Especially when you sit your tired body down in the pile of white and have a drink of something warm from your thermos.

Love it. I miss the close, massive mountains!

PS. Pick up the BYU Women's Center Newsletter November edition!