30 November 2010

Today, His Birthday

Yesterday, after much studying and long school-day-ing, we ended up on our bed with our legs tucked under the covers, talking and laughing about nothing and everything. It was late and I had plans to wake up early and make him cinnamon rolls for his birthday (which is today), but I couldn't fall asleep because I was giddy happy-- the kind of happy that is antsy and restless while all the while being just contentedness and some kind of sure confidence in life as it is and as it's going to keep on being. He makes me that kind of happy.

It's his birthday today. And oh boy, I've just got to tell you how glad I am that he was born. I am so glad.


Jason said...

That's cool. You should tell him happy birthday for me...

Kiersten S. Gallacher said...

Where is your "like" button?
hee hee
Happy December.
Spent the morning reading all about Nettie Maeser -- great great grnma
and Theresa Beesley - great grnma
and saw a photo of Joyce when she was 6, big bouncy white bow in her hair. Buoys me to read how they faced their challenges:)

Thinking about you and the 'whoville' party you have - is it annual? xx

Jill. said...

aww cute. Im glad too :)