15 February 2011

Hi There.

I think about posting all the time. And then I don't post and I don't know why. I think it may have something to do with originality and online clutter and wanting to clear a space for something new and such and wondering if I have anything valuable to say especially after scrolling through other people's blogs and thinking, yep, they said it exactly how I would say it. Amen sister.

Or maybe my disappearance from this little online space is connected with the utter joy I'm discovering in my classes. I'm taking fewer credits than I've ever taken, all of them are English classes (a complete departure from my business major), and I've never been happier or more engaged in my schooling. With fewer credits, you'd think I'd have more free time. And I do. More free time to do things like read the assigned novel, which is awesome. I'm a happy school girl. It makes the fact that this is my last semester of my undergrad altogether tragic. Shouldn't I be anxious to get out of here?

For your loving-love day entertainment, here we are. Happy Valentine's, one day late. Sure love all the lovin' across the web today and yesterday.


Kiersten S. Gallacher, Author said...

Hi there Laura, big, spontaneous smile when I saw this new post earlier this week - before I even read it.
Glad you're enjoying your classes!

Alison said...

i'm starting to feel the same way about blogging.