06 April 2011

I feel like I've bumped into an old friend, and I don't really want to play catch-up. I'd much rather just start where we left off. Okay? Okay.

Just in bed tonight, trying to work on homework, struggling to feel motivated or even smart enough to get through it. Been there? Yeah, so, anyway. Okay, so, yeah.

These days, I feel more and more like I know who I am and who I want to be. I just want to be me. Me who smiles big as I get a running-start to jump into bed. Me who made awesome Indian food, that one time. Me who can't get motivated to do homework tonight, or most nights. Me who is motivated by deadlines and by people coming over. I love it when my kitchen is bubbling with people. I just want to be me. Me who wants to write, but worries about that. I don't know why. Me who loves and laughs, and mostly just whines when he chews in my ear.

Me who's got a boy that just called me because he'd love a late-night ride home from school. Me who drops everything to be the one to pick him up and bring him home to me, to our bed, and to my funny running-start that I do every night after I brush my teeth.


kiersten said...
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Kiersten S. Gallacher, Author said...

yes. that's all we want: you - just the way you are. (can you hear Billy Joel crooning in the background?!)
I read this aloud to B, he asked if we're related ;)yup - but certainly OURSELVES xx

taratboyce said...

Laura, I'm glad I found you on Google + because then I found your writing blog. I've always wanted to see how old writing classmates from Pat Madden's class are doing. I'm excited to read your work.