24 August 2011

The Strange Thing About Change is that Nothing Really Changes

At the Museum of Art in Phoenix a few weeks ago, we saw photographs of old photographs positioned just in the right place in front of the same spot, years later. It was much like the photos from this charming website: DearPhotograph.com. Thank you, Carolyn.

I've been thinking about these pictures of pictures and how everything changes, but nothing really changes.

I still think about what I'm going to wear in the morning. And I still daydream about dinner (and more often dessert). I am always attached to being a school girl and I fear I always will be. I still have a little side job; I've had a job for years. And tonight I went to mutual-- the weekly activity for teenagers in the Church-- because now I am the leader. That's silly because I've been going to mutual consistently since I was a wee 12-year-old. I live in the same one block radius and shop at the same grocery. I look up at the same mountains, green-cloaked in Spring and red-flecked in Fall.

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olivia said...

Oh, Hi Twitter friend! Thank you for the $5 to Amazon instant watch! Don't mind me, I'm just here procrastinating by reading all your post-every-day posts and wishing I could do the same. I'd comment on each of them but I really do just need to get writing this script for the upcoming VT Conference.

A few things, starting with this post:
That photo is just phenomenal and I wish I could fly to Phoenix to see the whole exhibit. I also wish I could relate in the part of still looking at those same mountains...
I envy that 'casual Saturday.' Seriously, that's like my dream day. What was the Redbox movie you enjoyed? We, too, never seem to get a goodie, but constantly return.
You've been married a year already? What?
My love for Cook's Illustrated has been slow-growing but steady, and this love is really pretty strong and all the more impressive given that I wouldn't say I really love to cook.
I also capitalize by aesthetics if there is any question.
To your goals! When do you turn 23? I think these are two goals I want to copycat.