06 September 2011

"To love what you do and feel that it matters-- how could anything be more fun?" 

Katharine Graham

While doing school this afternoon, my memory jumped to this quote that was always on my family's fridge. Placed in the upper corner by my mom, the quote was a quiet testimony of my mom's love of mothering-- and of me, of all my siblings. I knew that she loved being a mother, felt that it mattered, and even thought it was fun. To this day, thinking of the quote on the fridge makes me feel so, so important. With K. Graham's words, she made a quiet, humble statement of love. I'm so grateful for that mom of mine.

And today, while doing reading and thinking, while writing my thoughts for a class, I thought, how could anything be more fun? Someday, quiet possibly, mothering will be the absolute most fun and I will put the quote by Katharine Graham in the upper corner of my fridge to communicate softly to my children just how much I love being theirs. But until that blessed moment, I'm going to feel so grateful that I love what I do right now and I, no doubt, feel that it matters.


Kiersten S. Gallacher said...

i read this over the phone to my dad just now :)

....and i'm memorizing 'Annette's' quote :)

....and i can't get enough of your families paradigm! how things worked in your home. Here's the thing: not just family members who love you and Annette and yours need to hear these things - ALL are buoyed, encouraged, helped along as we peek into who you are, your life, your upbringing. You are a voice echoing goodness -- who your mother is (your dad too!) .... this voice, your expression coming from such goodness, that we all need,feels essential to me.

....in a very personal way -- i love to think about her days that were hard, perhaps when her kids were very young, and it wasn't easy to love certain moments - and how she -- fine, didn't love those moments, but then carried on CHOOSING to love what she did.

Julianne said...

Beautifully said, Laura. I've had these very thoughts and you can express them in an amazing way.

Agreed, Kiersten. I think you are right - I love to think of her Choosing to enjoy!