08 September 2011

Yummy on Wednesday

I spent the entire evening after school in the kitchen. I honestly never left the kitchen except to go to the grill. I was itching to cook all day. Sure, I had plenty of homework that I could have/should have been doing. I had phone calls to make and errands to run. But they were just minor annoyances easily pushed aside because salmon was on sale, potatoes were going to go squishy in the next few days, as were the carrots and kale.

So I cooked.

Grilled Salmon with Mustard Glaze-- Dry mustard (2 tbsp) with sugar(2 tbsp) and water (2 tbsp) to make a glaze. Toss on the grill, grill both sides. Leave it longer on the filet side to get a caramely, crispy top. (Cook's Illustrated)

Baked Potatoes-- I wish I had baked them on the grill, but I used the oven. I'm regretting it now. Our house is still trying to cool off from the oven heat. I prefer crispy potato skins, so I don't wrap my potatoes in foil.

Glazed Carrots-- Boiled until nearly done in a shallow puddle of low-sodium broth. Finished with melted butter and sugar, reduced over fairly high heat. Totally wintery and totally his favorite food, so I made them despite the season.

Kale Salad-- Try and love. I'm in love with the texture of uncooked kale-- the curly edges, the near-chewiness of the leaves. This salad is so simple, yet packs a kick. Don't forget the homemade croutons. I think they make the salad (or any salad for that matter).

Fresh Peaches + Ice Cream

And is it just me, or does it seem like clean-up takes as long or longer than preparation? 

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Julianne said...

Holy Cow! YUM! I want to live next door to you!