17 July 2008

T is for Thursday

A happy day to you. Hope today is everything you ever hoped your Thursday would be. And I know you hoped it would be a lot, so that's saying something.

You know when you're asked those psychoanalysis questions that somehow try to get at what your innermost beliefs are? Questions like, if you were leaving for a weekend what three things would you take? Or sometimes it's a modification of that question. Sometimes the question is more about being left all alone on an island without any human contact or any hope of survival where you can only eat the chewy palm leaves that will barely sustain you with their nutrition content. You see, I have a problem with questions like this. I can never come up with only three things. On an island by myself?! What?! I need more than three things. I mean, I don't need a hair straightener or make up. But I definitely need Breyer's mint chocolate ice cream and red shoes. Not to mention the things that everyone else says they want to bring-- like a journal, my family, and toilet paper.

But nonetheless, I wish right now that a psychoanalyst would ask me what three things I would take for a weekend far away. Because right now, I know what three things would be a priority for me to take on my weekend getaway. I'm feeling decisive. And that's unusual. Today, the psychoanalyst would have something to analyze.

I will take a black swimsuit, a book called ___________ (i.e. I don't know which book yet), and two pair of pajamas.

I think I'm most excited for the book part of the adventure. I haven't done a ton of leisurely reading lately. Actually, I haven't done any since June 23rd when I started school and stopped the nightly parties with me, my bedside lamp, and a novel.

Or maybe I'm most excited about the swimsuit. Truth be known, I've only been swimming once this summer. ONCE! That's shameful, disgusting, tragic, disgraceful, and kind of funny. Why have I not been swimming, you ask? Don't ask that question, I don't have an answer. Instead you should ask, how is anyone going to bear looking at the blue veins that show plainly through your glow-in-the-light legs? And I won't have an answer to that question either.

Actually, let's just be honest. I'm most excited about the two pairs of pajamas. As my boss at work decided today, "If you have room to pack a couple pair of shoes, then you might as well bring two pair of pajamas." So, there you have it. I'm going to bring two pair of pajamas, because I have room for them.

It's a good thing the psychoanalyst is allowing me to bring three items for my weekend adventure. Because I don't know what I'd do if I had to limit myself to one pair of pajamas.

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