16 November 2008

Ooh la la...!

We had a Disney princess election-- there were official ballots and everything. This is what girls do when it's just girls, and it's been one endless girl's night since September. We nominated and voted to determine which girl is most like which princess. After much debate Bethany was choosen as Belle, Kayla as Jessie (Toy Story), McKenzie as Jane (Tarzan), Hailee as Meg, Dasily as Ariel, and myself as Anastasia. I know, I know for being so serious about the officialness of the election, you'd think we could have chosen "real" princesses. But let's be honest, a lot of the "real" princesses (i.e. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella) have no personality. I'm just lucky that I was voted Anastasia. It means I get the most good looking prince-- Demetrius, who's not officially a prince, but charming regardless.

In the movie that is actually not by Disney, but don't blame us, it might as well be Disney-- it's got all the requirements: a girl, a boy, a villain who tries to keep the girl from the boy, a humorous sidekick in the form of an animal-like creature... anyway... in the movie, Anastasia goes to Paris. They sing "Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart" and they dance in the shimmering city lights. Tomorrow, I am going to Paris where I will do the same. Because Paris really does hold the key to your heart. Or at least it holds the key to most people's hearts-- it's the number one tourist destination in the world-- all because of the romance. And I get to go with forty other girls. Let me rephrase that for clarity: I get to go to the "most romantic city in the world" with forty other prince-less princesses. This could be torturous. I can see it now: the oo's the ah's, the wishing for a male of any sort, the talk of roses and chocolate and kisses on the Eiffel Tower. I can choose to either mock it or join in. My initial response: mock it. But, "when your heart says don't, the French say do!" So forget my initial response.

Bonjour Paris, let's fall in love.

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Lindsey Anne said...

I LOVED this post! And I love you. Sometimes I wish you were back here in Provo! But I love to hear your adorable stories about living overseas. Have fun in Paris with all the girls!