04 November 2009

You get one shot. So, go to book club.

Tonight I went to my book club.

I've been a member for 2 months and I have missed every meeting until tonight. The club is on their second book. I'm only halfway through the first book. But I went to the club anyway. I listened to the discussion as it bounced around a plate of oatmeal cookies. Two people were in argyle socks and they sat next to each other. I want those two to get married.

I loved book club tonight. Loved it. Uninvited tears marched to the corners of my eyes as I sat there. THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVED TALKING ABOUT A BOOK I HAVEN'T READ YET.

Why did I miss the earlier book club meetings? Where was I during them? How did I spend those hours? Did I waste them? Can I have them back? Can I try to use them right this time?

Tough luck Laura, hours are unforgiving.

My little head announced that as I left the book club. You think it's annoying that my mind said that? Try walking around with that head on your shoulders. It's a thinking head, and most times, I can't really follow what it's thinking. I just let it think and then sometimes I'm like, alright, hold up... say that again?

Hours are unforgiving. It's like the samples at Costco. You get one of each. And no matter how sweetly you compliment the server's permed hair, she still slaps your wrist when you try for a second sample.

You get one shot, so just go to book club. Okay?

And I'm like, right. Book club.


Carolina said...

certainly wish i could express myself as well as you. thanks for sharing. love the read and your neat spirit. loves. xo

Julianne said...

Agreed. I told Joe after my last book club, "If I am ever debating going, make me go." So fun and enriching. So necessary now that I'm not in school.

Natalie said...

Thanks Laura. It resumes in January - I'll do my best!

Rebecca the Splendid said...

hmph. how come you start going right when i can't?