04 March 2010

This Week Last Year

I just read through my last post and I am confused. Not about what I was feeling-- that's all very clear to me. It's just that in all of that feelingness, I rambled and it probably made no sense. That last post of mine is all just confused rambling. Sorry folks. I'll have you know though, while it was definitely rambled confusion, it was also honest. If nothing else, I try to be honest.

But actually, why am I apologizing? I think that maybe that's just what I do when I blog. I ramble honestly and you can choose to read more or ignore.

Anyway, without further ado, feel free to enjoy or disregard more rambled honest that I may or may not have to apologize for later:

This week last year, we went on our first date. I know, for some that's kind of fast to be getting married this Spring. But, you would be fast too if you knew this guy.

He's a perfect blend of the truck-driving, manly man who loves a little country twang, the spit-wad expert from your second grade class, your professor who somehow knows every Greek god and also the scientific name for every cloud formation, and your humble grandpa who is perfectly content sitting on the porch with a glass of lemonade.

You would move fast too. Just sayin'.

Anyway, this week last year, we went to a Jazz game. I had never been to a Jazz game before. I'm going to my second Jazz game ever this coming weekend. We're going in celebration. I didn't really watch the last Jazz game I went to-- the one that happened this week last year. I watched him. I wonder if I'll watch this one.

He was in a black zip-up jacket. I wore my black knee-length coat with buttons on the shoulders-- it's still my favorite. He lost his keys. He didn't know my shoes were purple. He sang "Robin Hood and Little John" in the car. I made fun of his truck. I said, "You've got to be kidding me! This thing could drive up a wall!" We talked about moms and brothers, families and friends, hobbies and interests. All first date things, but it didn't feel like a first date. Sappy I know, but it's truth.

Tonight we reminisced.

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Jilly said...

Laura. I LOVE this description of Jason. IT is too entirely true and I laughed out loud. haha I love you guys. I love reading these blogs too! I haven't read any since you guys were first dating and you wrote the color blind one but you are such a creative writer!! Love ya! -Your allmost sister in law, -Jill (haha)