15 May 2009

A List of Twelve Things

- Francis, the raccoon that lives in my fireplace, is alive, well, and still making mating noises in my chimney. For more on this-- here and here.

- I walked to my car yesterday and saw a neon green envelope on my windshield. A parking ticket. Another parking ticket from BYU's loving police force. I can't count how many I have gotten in the last two years. Seriously, the police force loves me-- see #9 on this list.

-I bought a whole bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears before my finance test. And no, contrary to your first assumption when you read that last sentence, I did not eat them all. Only half of them.

- When I wear orange, I feel like a pumpkin. I am a striped pumpkin today. My orange shirt has stripes.

- Even though it is getting warm outside, I still sleep with two doubled-over blankets and one quilt. That is five thick layers of warm goodness.

- Yesterday, my library books were due. I only read one of them before I had to return them. The House on Mango Street. You should read it. It's good. I drove up to the drive-through book-drop and pushed the books into the metal container. When I pushed the books inside, my hand got stuck and it hurt.

- In a disgusting way, I love to peel after a sunburn. Skin is coming off my back as I write. I'm peeling the skin in big chunks, but not nearly as big as the pieces I was peeling off my thighs last summer.

- Tomorrow night is the Springville Art Ball. Every living soul should go to this event at least once in their lifetime. The best part of the whole experience is choosing what to wear. It's always a debate. Dress up or dress down. I wore a legitimate ball gown one year; the next year I wore a semi-formal. This year? My outfit has not yet been determined.

- Today's favorite song: Lisa Hannigan, I Don't Know.

- For the last week, I have had the music turned up in my car to an unsafe level. I'm on a loud-music kick. Yesterday, I sat on the floor with a friend. He commented on some snoring noises that were coming from someone upstairs. I couldn't hear them. I couldn't hear any snoring.

- The lazuli bunting stops at our bird feeder every May as it migrates from its Mexican winter home back North. My sister saw it yesterday. I want to see it today.

- I'm going on a hot date tonight and I don't want to feel like a pumpkin. I'm going to take off this orange shirt before I go.


Carolina said...

Hi Laura. I came accross your blog somehow and love how you write it :) Ermm, i used your idea on post "one week" for my own blog today, hope you don't mind me using that (let me know if you do). Have a great day.

p.s. I enjoyed reading The house in Mango Street too.

Julianne said...

ooo... I love the Lizuli Bunting, Lisa Hannigan, and the Springville Art Ball! Wish I were there tonight... have fun!

Katie said...

My biology teacher (aka bird teacher) talked about buntings like they were, I dunno, really cool. I hope your hot date was successful.

Nat said...

I love Lisa Hannigan's song too. My mom came across it last week and showed it to me. I had a feeling you would love it, but I forgot to tell you. Looks like you find it on your own.

I sleep with four blankets still too.

Amy said...

OH every year that the springville ball comes around I always miss it. I'm so sad. I've always wanted to go. I hope its fun!!!