26 February 2009

Ten Things I Love About You: End-of-February Edition

Here is the latest edition in honor of this blessed week, the end of February. There are currently three other editions: October, Wednesday, and Paris.

1. I lost my antique ring that I bought in London. It is one of my more prized possessions. It has a vintage clock design and I love it. Well, I lost it. And you're wondering why this makes the list? Because what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right? I'm betting on coming stronger out of this one.

2. The weather. Could the winter sunshine have been more ideal? No. I was always smiling when I was outside this week. That's unusual for me in wintertime. Usually I'm grimacing, looking up at the sky, and cursing it.

3. Follow-up to #2. I ate lunch outside, on a warm wooden bench on Tuesday. The wood was warmed by the sunshine. And I took off my coat while I sat on the bench. And then I took off my sweater. And then...don't worry, I left on all other attire.

4. I took a test, and guessed the answer on approximately 28 out of 50 questions. Anyone who is good at math says I should've have failed, but I didn't. I'm a really good at eenie-meenie-miney-mo. I'll teach you sometime.

5. I was proposed to by my prospective husband's father. In an interview for a fake job. He was conducting the interview. The father, not the son. The son published three books in high school. I don't think the marriage will succeed. People who publish three books in high school can't be normal. I'm looking for normal.

6. I got four pairs of shoes in the mail. Yellow ones, red ones, purple ones, and black ones. My little brother says all but the black ones are ugly. But, I like them. Go check out the sale at Target.

7. I have eaten whole wheat pancakes on 7 straight mornings. Yes, that's one full week. Hot pancakes in the morning for Thursday to Thursday. I have never had so much breakfast and been so happy about it in my life. (My family is going through a pancake obsession phase. So far, my stomach likes the consequences. And my brain does too, cause doesn't breakfast make you smarter? Everything makes sense now, like being good at eenie-meenie-miney-mo, it's the pancakes.)

8. Scrabble club is on Saturday. (Comment for more information.) It's going to be one heck of a club meeting. Sweaters and cardigans are the preferred attire.

9. I got a parking ticket. I can't tell you how much I love those little neon green envelopes that they tuck under my windshield wiper. I think of them as little love notes from our local police force. They really love me.

10. I'm nearly bald and now know my head shape, which is big because I've always wondered what kind of head shape I have. This is all thanks to my favorite haircutter at Haven Salon. There is no sarcasm in that comment; she really is my favorite. And being nearly bald means never doing my hair, which means sleeping-in all the time, which means later nights writing on the blog. Good things for both of us.


Marilyn Lewis said...

You are such a great writer. I'm glad that Natalie sent me the link to the Sheffield Blog from which I found your Thursday blog. I love getting to know you all better through the blogs. I'm Tammy's sister in law from Idaho...not just a random Blog Stalker!!!!!

Kenzie K. said...

Laura you lost your ring?! Sad day. And I can imagine just how smart those pancakes are making you . . . they are some of the best pancakes I've ever tasted. Thanks for the post my little not-so-bald friend, I love the hair!